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When you purchase any instrument from us, you are automatically registered for our trade up policy. No matter how long you keep the instrument, if you are registered as originally purchasing the instrument from us, you can trade up the instrument and receive the full price in credit toward any instrument that is double or more in price.


For example... You buy a guitar for $150 and give it to your son, who wants to be a rock star. You sign him up for lessons at the store and after three years he actually progresses to where he needs a new guitar. The next guitar you purchase for him at our store is $500. We take in your $150 guitar in trade and because you originally purchased it from us (and the next guitar is more than double the $150 guitar), we give you $150 in credit lowering the purchase price of the $500 guitar to $350.


So, in summary, purchase an instrument from us, make sure the next instrument you purchase from us is double or more in price, and we give you a full trade up credit of the original instrument’s price. It does not matter how long you’ve had the instrument.



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